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Flor y 5,5cm de diámetro cristal de color rosa

Código: mgs-spr347PK/55

Acabado vidrio: Crystal / Pink

Dimensiones: (Cm) Diámetro 5,5, Altura 1

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18,30 €
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Una flor para espejos hechos a mano, las medidas son aproximadas y pueden tener una tolerancia del 10%, este producto no está pintado, pero fundido caliente colorido


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Clientes comentario para este articulo

Review by: Ladonna Harris, United States, 22/07/2015

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Did not arrive in the package

Customer update: Grazie per avermi fatto guardo di nuovo . Avevo cercato la scatola 4 volte e non vedere. L'ho trovato per fortuna! 5 stelle !! Mi scuso per l'inconveniente. Hope the Italian isn't too poorly written. Translators...

Review by: Michelle Torr, Australia, 01/12/2013

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Thank you so much for the crystal green flowers, they are a perfect match. I appreciate the quick response to my order.

Review by: Csilla Csendes, Hungary, 14/12/2012

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I ordered two glass flowers and a pack of nails for an antique Venetian mirror - they fit perfectly,they look exactly as the original ones made about a hundred year ago. The mirror looks fabulous with them! The package arrived about a week after I ordered it which was a big surprise considering that we are so close to Christmas. The careful packaging was excellent, perfectly protecting the tiny pieces. Thank you very much for your great work!

Review by: Karen Benjamin, United States, 21/02/2012

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Very please with quality of product. Product shipped before due date.